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Departure: 3/4 August 2019     –       Arrival: 18th August 2019

Complete Package Includes:

  • Airline Ticket DIRECT (Saudi Arabian Airlines) – (Heathrow – Jeddah – Madinah – Heathrow)
  • Hajj 2019 Draft
  • Non-Shifting Makkah Hotel – Ghala Al Taj hotel (en-suit)
  • Madinah Hotel – Dar Al-Naeem Hotel (en-suit)
  • Full Board in buffet style (breakfast, lunch & dinner) provided in Makkah & Madinah restaurants
  • 24hrs tea/coffee service available within the hotels
  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) provided in Mina
  • Private European tents in Mina with sofa, bed, pillow, blankets
  • Full Board, refreshments (including tea, water, soft drinks, etc.) & other services provided during the stay in Mina
  • Private AC tent in Arafat
  • Half board (breakfast and lunch) provided on the day of Arafat
  • One Qurbani (Sacrifice of an animal)
  • All ground transportation on air-conditioned Moalim coaches. (Makkah to Madinah is via the comfortable Private VIP luxury coaches)
  • Pre Hajj seminar and one2one consultation
  • Ziyaraats (historical/religious sites) in both cities of Makkah and Madinah
  • Walking Ziyarah Tour of Masjid Al Haram and Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (under the guide of both English and Urdu scholars) - New addition for Hajj 2019
  • Guidance provided by fully qualified Scholars – (From time of departure until you arrive back)
  • All groups will be accompanied by tour managers, Imam and assistants

*Travel Insurance not included

“Packages Include”

Total Package: 
(Below package prices will increase  after 15th February 2019 by £150, due to airline tax increase. Please reserve your preferred package early to avoid disappointment)

♦ £6295 (Private Double (2) – (SOLD OUT)

£5595 (Cost of an adult (per person) based of THREE (3) people sharing – (SOLD OUT)

£5495 (Cost of an adult (per person) based of FOUR (4) people sharing  – (SOLD OUT)

£5295 (Cost of an adult (per person) based of FIVE (5) people sharing – SOLD OUT
♦ £5195 (Cost of an adult (per person) based of SIX (6) people sharing SOLD OUT

Where PRIVATE DOUBLE is sold out, we have the following option on offer 

♦ QUAD sharing in Makkah and PRIVATE DOUBLE in Madinah: (£5795) per person – (SOLD OUT)


♦ We are one of the Hajj operators in Slough who is not a sub agent and have our own appointed Visas directly from Ministry of Hajj

♦ Our package has NO Azizyah/Kakia/Nuzzah/Khalidiy, etc… stay and is only NON-Shifting throughout the journey

♦ We only use Direct Saudi Airlines and return from Madinah by-air

♦ We have been serving the local and wider community for Hajj and Umrah since 1993


  • Passport photocopy of the main passport page for each person travelling
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Booking form completed (attached below)
  • Full address with mobile and home landline number
  • Medical certificate – (Meningitis and ACWY injections)
  • Deposit of £2000 per person


To progress with the booking, we require the above documents:

Hajj 2019 Booking Form

Makkah Hotel:

Hotel Name: Ghala Al Taj Hotel

Hotel Distance From Haram: 10-12 Minutes walk from hotel entrance to Masjid Al Haram – King Abdul Aziz Gate number 1 (see un-edited time on video below (walk from Hotel entrance to Masjid Al Haram). For the elderly, around 12-15 min walk

Location: 6369 Al Hijrah (Off Ibrahim Al Khalil Street), Al Hajlah, Makkah

General Hotel Description:

Ghala Al Taj hotel is situatied around 600 metres from Masjid Al Haram. It is a new build economy hotel (around 3 years old), located on Al Hijrah road (Off Ibrahim Al Khalil Street). For the Hujjaj of 2019 we have contracted the following services with the hotel management:

→ 24-hour front desk
→ Shared mini lounge for guests
→ Daily Room service
→ Air-conditioned bedrooms including public areas within the hotel
→ Free WiFi within all bedrooms
→ All rooms with private bathrooms are fully equipped with toiletries and a hair dryer
→ New fully carpeted rooms (bespoke request only for 2019 Hajjis)
→ New bedding within all rooms (including duvets, pillows, covers, bed sheets…etc)-(bespoke request only for 2019 Hajjis)
→ All rooms feature a flat-screen TV with cable channels
→ All rooms consist of a wardrobe, dressing table, fridge, etc
→ Fully furnished Restaurant (buffet)

Madinah Hotel:

Hotel Name: Dar Al-Naeem Hotel

Hotel Distance From Haram: 5 Minutes walk

Location: Central Area Madinah (Al-Siteen Street) – Markaziyah(close to ladies gate 25 (Bab-un-Nisa)

General Hotel Description:

Dar Al-Naeem is situated 200 metres from the Prophet’s Mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi). It is set in a striking building that fuses western and Saudi features, providing on-site restaurant and business centre.

Located 5 minutes from Haram
Ironing service
Room service (part time)
Safe at reception
Fax service
Restaurant (buffet)
Snack Bar
Wireless Internet Hotspot
All rooms have sound-proof windows

Ghala Al Taj hotel:

Dar Al-Naeem Hotel:


Day 1: 3/4 August 2019 (2 Dhul Hijjah): London Heathrow

(Flight dates and times to be confirmed soon)

Departure from UK (Heathrow Airport) on Saudi Airlines to Jeddah (Make sure to arrive at the airport 3-4 hours before the flight departure. For Brothers (only) do not forget to take with you the Ihram as we need to perform the Ihram at the Airport Terminal 4)

Day 2: Sunday 4th Aug 2019 (3 Dhul Hijjah): Jeddah/Makkah

Arrive at Jeddah, complete the immigration procedures (please note the waiting time can be over eight hours). Once clearing customs & Immigration the group shall make way to Makkah Ghala Al Tag Hotel. Check into Ghala Al Tag Hotel and the perform Umrah

Day 3: Monday 5th Aug 2019 (4 Dhul Hijjah): Makkah/Rest-Day

Enjoy the sights of Makkah and spend the rest of your day resting and performing ibadah

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided within hotel restaurant (FULL BOARD)

Day 4: Tuesday 6th Aug 2019 (5 Dhul Hijjah)Makkah/Rest-Day/Hajj Seminar

Full group Hajj Seminar within Makkah hotel

Day 5: Wednesday 7th Aug 2019 (6 Dhul Hijjah): Makkah

Preparations and packing for the 5 days of Hajj

  • Prepare your important belongings and necessities for you to take to Mina and Arafat
  • Travel light and have only your important items that you will use during your stay in Mina & Arafat (medicine, valuables and other necessities – One small carry-on/rucksack is recommended).
  • Leave the rest of your luggage in your room

Day 6: Thursday 8th Aug 2019 (7 Dhul Hijjah):- Makkah/Mina

On Thursday 8th August 2019 (7th of Dhul-Hijjah) at 9pm be ready in Ihram clothing for travel to Mina. Due to the huge number of Hajjis (over 2 million) all moving toward Mina on the 8th Dhul Hajjah, and to avoid the crowd and the traffic jam we will depart for Mina on the night of 7 to 8 Dhul-Hajjah

Day 7: Friday 9th Aug 2019 (8 Dhul Hijjah): -Mina

This will be our first full day in Mina. On this day you will be able to grasp and enjoy the atmosphere at first hand

We will stay in boarded AC tents provided by Mossasa (Special service paid which is included in package). We will perform congregational salat (Fajr, Zahur, Asr, Magrib, Isha). After salatul Maghrib we will hold group seminar advising hujjaj on the days ahead including the day of Arafat…

Breakfast, lunch and dinner 5 days in Mina will be served

Day 8: Saturday 10th Aug 2019 (9 Dhul Hijjah): -Arafat/Muzdalifah

On the 9th of Dhul Hijjah, when the sun rises, we depart for Arafat and stay there until sunset. This is the greatest Day of the year which Allah forgives much more on this day than any other day

Breakfast and lunch will be served, as well as snacks, fruits and refreshments will be available all day around

At sunset we depart from Arafat to Muzdalifah. We remain in Muzdalifah, making supplications and remembering Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) till Fajr prayer. At Muzdalifah you can collect pebbles with which to stone the pillars at Jamarat

Day 9: Sunday 11th Aug 2019 (10 Dhul Hijjah): -Muzdalifah/Mina/Jamarah/Nahr (Sacrifice)

After Fajr prayer and just before sunrise we leave Muzdalifah to Mina to stone Jamarat Al-Aqaba. We would depart for Jamarat from Mina as a group. Once stoning has been performed the management would depart for Nahr (Sacrifice of animal) at Hira. The overall group will be lead back under supervision of Imams and guides to their tents in Mina. Here you will wait until you are informed that sacrifice has been done and the men can shave/trim their heads and come out of the state of Ihram. Once Ihram has been removed you can either depart for Makkah to perform tawaaf Al-Ifadah (Tawaaf-e-Ziarah) or depart with the group on the 11 Dhul-Hajjah (Monday 12th August 2019)

Day 10: Monday 12th Aug 2019 (11 Dhul Hijjah): -Tawaf-E-Ziyarah/Jamarah/Mina

We will perform congrational Salatul Fajr and then depart as a group via coach to Makkah hotel. Upon reaching Makkah we will check into our hotel, make fresh wudu/ghusal and then depart for the Tawaf. All pilgrims are advised to meet back at the hotel once they have completed the tawaf and then depart for Jamarah, perform the stoning for 2nd day and return to the tents in Mina

Day 11: Tuesday 13th Aug 2019 (12 Dhul Hijjah): – Mina/Makkah

This will be our final day in Mina where lectures will be given by Ulemas

This will also be the third day of stoning. Once we have stoned all three Jamarats we will then head back to our hotel in Makkah

Day 12: Wednesday 14th Aug 2019 (13 Dhul Hijjah): – Makkah/Rest-Day/Walking Ziyarah of Masjid Al Haram

This will be our full day in Makkah

Walking Ziyarah Tour of Al-Masjid Al Haram (under the guide of both English and Urdu scholars)

Some of the Ziyarahs include:

> Kaba
> Zam Zam Well location
> Mount Safa
> Mount Marwah
> House of Umme Hani (may Allah be pleased with her)
> Daarul Arqam (The house of Arqam):- It was here in the initial period of Islam that the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam secretly preached Islam
> Birthplace of the Prophet (Currently a library, in She’eb Banu Hashim area )
> House of Hazrat Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her)
> Bab ul-Fatah (Door of Victory)
> House of Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him)
> House of Hazrat Umer (may Allah be pleased with him)
> House of Hazrat Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him)
> Darun Nadwah (Assembly House):- A house of parliament for the Quraysh and it was from here that they plotted to kill the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
> Waqf Usman (An Endownment)
> Ibrahim Al Khaleel Street :- This is the road where Ibrahim (AS) left his wife and child near the Kaba and then went down this long road to Shaam (current day syria)
> Masjid al-Jinn
> Masjid Shajarah (Masjid of the tree):- The Masjid marks the spot from where the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) called a tree and it came to him
> Jannatul Mu’alla (historical graveyard in Makkah – located in a valley east of the Masjid al-Haram). Buried here are: Ummul Mu’mineen Hazrat Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her), Qasim, the eldest son of the Prophet, Abdullah, the second son of the Prophet, Abu Talib – the uncle of the Prophet, Abdul Muttalib – the grandfather of the Prophet
> Mount Abu Qubais (It was from the top of this mountain that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) pointed to the moon and split it into half)

Day 13: Thursday 15th Aug 2019 (14 Dhul Hijjah): – Makkah/Rest-Day (Perform the farewell Tawaf (Tawaf Al-Wida’a)

Use this day to perform the farewell tawaf (Tawaf Al-Wida’a). Once this has been performed, proceed back to the hotel and start packing your luggage for departure to Madinah on Friday 16th Aug 2019. Inshah Allah timings for departure will be advised in advance

Day 14: Friday 16th Aug 2019 (15 Dhul Hijjah): – Makkah Departure/Travel to Madinah

Departing Makkah for Madinah on private VIP coaches (NOT ministry of Hajj buses). Inshah Allah exact timing of departure from hotel will be advised whilst in Makkah

Day 14: Friday 16th Aug 2019 (15 Dhul Hijjah): – Madinah Arrival

Arrive into Madinah late evening. Check into Madinah hotel, freshen up, perform wudu and then make your way to the blessed mosque of Rasoolallah (SAW)

Day 15: Saturday 17th Aug 2019 (16 Dhul Hijjah): – Madinah/Madinah Ziyarah/Rest-Day

Perform group Madinah Ziyarahs, rest and start packing for departure the following day

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner provided within hotel restaurant (FULL BOARD)

Day 16: Sunday 18th Aug 2019 (17 Dhul Hijjah): – Madinah/ Madinah Departure

We’ll leave Madinah hotel and transfer by coach to Madinah airport (around 25min drive), from where we will return back to the UK (Exact timing of departure from hotel will be advised whilst in Madinah)